November 16-18, 2018
Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon

Shaping the Future

Moscow, «SOK Arena Park» coworking
Tilda Publishing
Blockchain company DECENT, in partnership with HumanVenture, are organising a hackathon for the development of blockchain projects based on DECENT's DCore platform. Hackathon participants, with the support of the DECENT IT team, will create working prototypes and present them to the jury after their completion.

The Moscow version of Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon is the fifth of the global series; previously conducted in Bratislava, Berlin, Shanghai, and Wyoming (USA).
More information about DCore:
Accepting applications from:
– Projects and initiatives,
– Blockchain IT developers,
– Programmers (front-end and back-end),
– IT Students
– Productmanagers
– Analysts

Applications are accepted from both teams and individuals. The selected theme for the hackathon is: "How can we use all benefits of the blockchain technology for positive transformations of society?"

The blockchain projects can, for example, encompass renewable energy, environment, healthcare, education, human rights, social entrepreneurship, smart and sustainable cities, charity and other spheres helping to build a better world.

There will be a series of workshops for blockchain startup development running during the hackathon. For all the blockchain developers, there will be a DCore workshop, a constant expert assistance during the hackathon as well as a webinar before the event.
20 000 DCT (≈ ₽ 200 000)
Mentorship from DECENT for project development
Expense coverage for participating in the Grand Finale
Mentorship from DECENT for project development
+ Training from "Smart Immigration" on making an English CV
Mentorship from DECENT for project development

Winners from the five countries will put their skills to the test in the Grand Finale which will take place in one of the world cities.
Conditions for participation:
✔️ Applications are accepted from both teams and individuals

✔️ The maximum number of team members is 4

✔️ A working prototype should be developed within 48 hours

✔️ Projects should be presented to the jury on Nov 18, 2018

✔️ Pitches should be presented in English (English-speaking coaches will be assisting the teams during the hackathon)

Teams will be formed before the hackathon opens and during the hackathon meet-up on November 16, 2018. You already can:
  • Join teams which have already been registered and are searching for new team members
  • Ask the organisers to form a team for your project or idea
Assessment criteria
Working prototype
Practical implementability of an idea
Clear business model
Friday, November 16th
Saturday, November 17th
Sunday, November 18th
Do you want to register as an individual or a team?
Phone number
Which competencies do you / your team have?
If you have an idea for hackathon, please, describe it.
No more than 1000 symbols
Which team members do you need?
Jury Board & Mentors
Michal Geci (Bratislava)
DECENT, Head of Innovations
Tomas Varga (Bratislava)
DECENT, Head of Strategy
Peter Študent (Bratislava)
DECENT, Head of Software
Ronald Filo (Bratislava)
DECENT, Head of Research
Anton Zur (Moscow)
HumanVenture, Founder
Christoph Zinganell (Vienna)
Founder and CEO, Collective Energy (Vienna). Mentor at Wexelerate (Vienna Accelerator)
Ekaterina Khaletckaya (Moscow)
Impact Hub Moscow, co-founder
Andrey Popov
Founder of &
Ksenia Solomatina
CEO & Founder of "Smart abroad" educational project
Dmitriy Plakhov
Chairman of the Association "Community of blockchain developers of St. Petersburg", head of Laboratory of blockchain research at Institute of Digital Technologies
Jin Kolesnikov
PhiltechInitiative expert, co-founder of Singularity University Moscow branch
Aleksander Bakeev
Right Track Founder
Anna Saakyan
Founder of Costa Case Club and Case Coach
Marina Guryeva
CEO/Co-Founder at cyber • Fund
Moscow, «SOK Arena Park» coworking, Leningradskiiy prospect 36-5